Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What a crazy weekend!!!

AJQ featuring Anita at Bangkok Jazz!!!

Wow... what a night- the band was funky as ever and Anita was as hot as ever (on the mike, of course...).
The crowd and atmosphere was absolutely invigorating- the gig acted as a reunion of sorts for Anita's closest friends as they rarely get to see each other.
*Side effects of AJQ may induce freaking-out, jazz-hands, head-boppin, and social-lubricating...
Also it was a special birthday night for my friends Kenneth and Aunty Sue- hope they had a good time.

To add a little flavour to the night, Anita managed to get her Ed Hardy store to sponsor our clothes for the night.
AJQ has never been so "blinged-out".

Photos courtesy of K. Ally Maricar.

More photos by Ena to come!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

AJQ @ Modestos by ENA

Some fine shots by the ever-talented, Eleena Riduan at Modestos Capsquare, KL.

Thanks Ena!

"Listen" @ No Black Tie

Dear Facebook users,

Check out our events page for the upcoming AJQ gig featuring Anita Ibrahim.
AJQ featuring Anita Ibrahim @ Bangkok Jazz, Saturday 28th February

*In the videos section, you'll find a live video recording taken by Jeffny Kamar (an upcoming saxophonist- his videos also available on facebook).

Book your seats!
(seriously....if you want to sit down....please make a reservation....or you can stand and dance....on second thought....don't book your seats... i'll be standing most of the night...and i could do with some standing company...)

Call: 03-2145 7065 or 012-3955662 (Bangkok Jazz Reservations, after 5pm daily)

The confirmed line-up (is very special because Terrence and Steve are playing at Alexis, as well!)

Drums (1st time with AJQ):
Wagner Daniel

Keyboards (1st BJAZZ gig with AJQ):
Ywenna Carollin

Bass (veteran jazz-samurai):
Hiro Nakamura...I mean Maekawa...I mean... Jon John....ask me at the show, lah....

Sax and vocals:
(your friendly neighbourhood) Adil Johan (... i know, I'm a nerd...but nerds are cool....:P)

and on....

(cue drum roll, Wagner!!!)



Guaranteed coolness throughout the show- catch some old-school, some new-school, some to0-cool for school, some old-new-too-cool instruments....


I have to0 much to say...
but yet it is all....nothing....

thanks again.


Friday, February 13, 2009

Velcome to AJQ

"Nothing...nothing is coming...."
- Russell Peters

Hello Interweb,

This is blog post numero uno for the "Adil Johan Quartet aka AJQ" blogsite.

As you can see there is absolutely nothing...yet...

Stay tuned for links to recordings, videos, and photos of material related to all AJQ performances and tracks.

AJQ is:

Hiro Maekawa- Bass

Terrence Liew- Keys

Steve Naris Nanda- Drums

Adil Johan- Sax & Vox

with special guests

Wan Gigi- Guitar

Arif Yusof- Sax & Flute

Nelesh Kumar Bucktowar- Sax

Ywenna Carollin- Keys

Some AJQ updates:

  1. Videos of our performances at No Black Tie will be uploaded to You Tube by the end of the week- be sure to catch your favourite up-and-coming songstresses, Melisa Suciati, Anita Ibrahim, and Dasha Logan rendering covers and AJQ originals.
  2. AJQ will be playing for Hunny Madu's EP Media-Launch on the 18th of February
  3. AJQ will feature Anita Ibrahim at Bangkok Jazz on the 28th of February
  4. AJQ will feature Dasha Logan at No Black Tie on the 10th & 11th of April
  5. Currently in the planning stages for the AJQ EP-7 songs ready to go
  6. Terrence and Steve will be playing at Alexis Bistro with MPO trombonist Marques on the 27th & 28th of February- be sure to catch them- sure good wan...take it and go...
  7. Adil, Steve, and Hiro are performing regularly on Thursdays and Saturdays at Modestos as Daniel Veerapan's Trouble Clefs
  8. Adil has a fat belly and needs to work out
  9. I am currently working with Maango Productions for web designs and EP layouts- so we'll be getting this blog looking like nothing to somethin' (somethin'...ahem...)
Ok la, so there's a lil' somethin' somethin' going on...

Beats and Peaces,