Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What a crazy weekend!!!

AJQ featuring Anita at Bangkok Jazz!!!

Wow... what a night- the band was funky as ever and Anita was as hot as ever (on the mike, of course...).
The crowd and atmosphere was absolutely invigorating- the gig acted as a reunion of sorts for Anita's closest friends as they rarely get to see each other.
*Side effects of AJQ may induce freaking-out, jazz-hands, head-boppin, and social-lubricating...
Also it was a special birthday night for my friends Kenneth and Aunty Sue- hope they had a good time.

To add a little flavour to the night, Anita managed to get her Ed Hardy store to sponsor our clothes for the night.
AJQ has never been so "blinged-out".

Photos courtesy of K. Ally Maricar.

More photos by Ena to come!

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